Cure Prostate Cancer License Plate

The “Cure Prostate Cancer” license plate (tag) has just been made available here in Connecticut. I want to thank the legislature and those who helped me advance this cause.

As you know, my mission is to raise awareness of men’s health issues in order to get men to open up so they can talk to and support/encourage each other to inform and take care of themselves. I’d like to see men’s health garner the same level of education and awareness that garners more funding and research as women’s health; and get men to see their doctors regularly and be active advocates for their own health care.

Rightfully and wonderfully there has been, and is, a great awareness happening in women’s health. Women have come together to inform and encourage each other, to support each other, and to push for much needed research and funding. They have rallied us, their families and friends who love them, and built organizations that make it easier for us to do something so we don’t feel helpless. We know where to go for strength and support. We have a way to continue the fight even if our loved one doesn’t survive. We all know what the pink ribbon stands for. And in February there is a wear red campaign for women’s heart health. These are just two examples. But in the world of men and men’s health, a more macho culture lingers and insists we have to be strong and stalwart, that we can be “weak.”

Prostate cancer is a big killer of men, equal to breast cancer in women (breast cancer also occurring in men).

I always felt that one way of bringing awareness and funds to the table would be a license plate as the license plates around for breast cancer have been very successful.

I began the process of getting the Cure Prostate Cancer license plate (tag) a few years ago. Amazingly, people were surprised by my message. I’ve spend the last few years educating legislators and talking with other health professionals to raise even their awareness. I have done this in person to person conversations, through my radio show Dr. Jeff Says, and this blog, The Life of Men, and my book of the same title. The license plate features a blue ribbon and a blue field that fades into white at the bottom.

I hope that seeing these plates will encourage men and those who love them, to start a conversation and lead to awareness, prevention, and a movement that focuses on optimal health and well being for all of us.

If you live in Connecticut, I hope you will apply for your plate today. Here is the link:

Thank you!

Jeffrey Rabuffo, MD

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