E-cigarettes, Nicotine, & Erectile Dysfunction

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently reported on the cardiovascular effects of e-cigarette smoking. A study of a small group of people indicated that smoking e-cigarette’s had an affect on the sympathetic nervous system leaving to changes in heart rate. This is a small study and more work is needed.
However, the liquid in the e-cigarette capsule varies in content. It usually contains propylene glycol, water glycerin, and small amount of nicotine. The nicotine shows up even in non-nicotine capsules due to the lack of manufacturing standards. People who use e-cigarettes should be aware of this as nicotine use. E cigarette smoking, is well known to cause erectile dysfunction due to the construction of the small blood vessel’s of the penis. Young men who smoke e-cigarette’s should take heed.

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