Health Care. Health Insurance. Medicare for All?

There’s nothing more indefinite these days then the interaction of Congress and what they call healthcare. In reality they’re trying to talk about health insurance, but they use the term healthcare to disguise the issues. There’s nothing really wrong with healthcare in America. It is by far the most effective healthcare that can be had worldwide. We used to call it medical care, and the doctors, now providers, used to practice medicine, not healthcare. But healthcare is not insurance The endless argument about this subject is not benefiting the American public. I’m not even sure that the goal of the current discussions is to benefit the American public, but rather to benefit the different factions that are involved in producing this government insurance plan. The six hundred or so congressmen and senators each have their own say about what they think is appropriate, what they believe is appropriate is what’s financially appropriate for themselves, their constituents, and the insurance companies. Loose discussion about useless details will only result in what we have today, not much.

I believe the system that will provide appropriate medical care for our society already exists. That’s system is Medicare. Many people moan when they talk about government healthcare, but they were mixing up the system that the government creates and the system that delivers it. The government does not know how to deliver healthcare effectively. One needs only to look at the VA system. As one who has worked in it, I can vouch for the existence of a paralyzing bureaucracy that only delays the appropriate delivery of care. This bureaucracy exists in every facet of government medicine, whether it be public health, Military care, or Indian health care.

The Medicare that I’m referring to is the system that is designed to pay for medical care delivered by private physicians. Medicare works across state lines, provides definitive list of what is paid for, and pays an appropriate time frame. Compared to the commercial insurance companies and actual government run medicine, the amount of micromanagement involved with Medicare is nowhere near that of the other systems.

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