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As part of my mission to raise awareness among men, their families, and the general public about prostate health and cancer, which I do through my non-profit organization, the New England Men’s Health Initiative (NEMHI), I thought I’d share this section on prostate pain from my book, The Life of Men.

The following excerpt is from the section titled THE DOCTOR IS IN: Men, Medicine, Prostates, PSAs, PCa, & the T-Bomb.

Not all pain, and not all high PSA levels, mean prostate cancer. Bacterial infections are one of many possible sources. Others include non-bacterial chemical inflammation which might occur if there are chemicals in the urine, or if there is faulty ductwork allowing urine to seep into the prostate. Pain may also be triggered by auto-immune responses to previous infections, or by nerve damage.

The condition is called prostatitis, and it can be chronic or acute. Guys would come into the office and they would be very uncomfortable. They might describe having pain by the prostate, or in the region, and they might say “It won’t go away.” Some of these guys were really hurting: “Oh my God! Oh my God! Doc, we gotta do something.” Sometimes we could find the cause of the pain, sometimes it was elusive. Someone came up with the term, Prostadinia, which is just a fancy name for prostate pain. Sometimes it was phantom prostate pain—that is, it was caused by a neural pathway to the brain previously established by the body in reaction to a past disease or infection to trigger the sensation of pain, yet in the wake of the cessation of the disease the nerves were still sending the message. Sometimes pain “in the prostate” is caused by inflammation of the pelvic muscles, particularly levators which hold everything in down below. It they to go into spasm, that spasm can be causing the pain. In these cases, instead of giving a patient antibiotics or pain meds, we’d give him a muscle relaxant, usually two milligrams of valium, which is a very low dose, and the pain would go away.

We would need a series of textbooks to go into all the types and causes of prostate pain, to delineate all the symptoms and treatment possibilities. This section is only meant to make the reader aware of the complexities of prostate cancers and pain, and to emphasize how important it is for one to have a personal physician one trusts. In later sections we will discuss the fallacies of the growing walk-in clinic approach to medicine. Given the complexities of the human body within an even more complex physical and chemical environment, it can be easy to treat a problem with the wrong solution.

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Jeffrey Rabuffo, M.D.

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