Testosterone Therapy & Older Men

A few days ago CBS News reported on new findings about testosterone use. The focus seems to be the use of testosterone and its relationship to the “fountain of youth.”

Reports stated there was no benefit in cognitive capacity and very little benefit in libido. The physician reporting did say, once again, that there are some heart issues associated with testosterone use. What he did not point out was that testosterone helps to increase muscle and reduce body fat, reduces the risk of diabetes and, by the way, heart disease.

Two years ago there were reports in the medical literature that testosterone caused the increased frequency of severe heart attacks. However, that was never proven and the AUA disputed the issue. The most important thing when considering testosterone use is to get a testosterone level to determine if, in fact, one’s level is low. If so, talk to a knowledgeable physician who is specializes in the issues regarding testosterone.

Here is the link to the CBS coverage, http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/testosterone-therapy-poses-risks-studies-find/

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