Valentine’s Day Performance

Valentine’s Day will arrive in a few days. If there is one event that is dedicated to love, romance, and sex, Valentine’s Day is
the designated national holiday.

Men will spend close to $200 to purchase flowers, jewelry, candy, and lingerie for the woman they love, or think they love.

In order to maintain peak sexual ability several factors come into play. Your vascular system must be in good condition, as blood flow to the penis is key to having a good erection for that special night. Your blood sugar needs to be maintained at consistently normal levels. Diabetes can destroy the ability to have erections. Excessive alcohol consumption and obesity will also lead to poor performance, but not as much as cigarette smoking which causes sclerosis of the small blood vessel’s to the penis. This condition is the leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in younger men.

To maintain or get an erection a good sex drive is essential. That requires a normal testosterone level, and the ED drugs won’t work as well if your sex drive is week. None of this will work if you’re missing the most important ingredient – you need to have a woman that wants you!

Be ready for healthy sex on Valentine’s Day.

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